Important City Council Votes

This is a newly added page where I will be posting on votes that happen in regards to financial issues. This will allow the community to stay aware of what is happening and to be an educated voter next time we vote for council members in 2022.

Council Meeting April 20, 2021

Vote to approve item 7A-The City’s response to the State Auditor. Pending

Council Meeting February 17, 2021

Council votes 5-0 (with Councilperson Rudnick voting yes reluctantly) to approve the budget amendments as presented to them by the City Manager. The City Manager proposed an alternative that was scorched earth and the council did not push her for any middle ground. Voting were Fadelli, Quinto, Abelson, Rudnick, and Motoyama.

Video and Packet are here

Council Meeting December 1, 2020

5-0 Vote to extend the City Manager’s contract by 2 years despite many letters to the contrary. Voting were Lyman, Abelson, Quinto, Fadelli, and Pardue-Okimoto

Video here-starts at 3:15-you can link to it as an agenda item.

Packet with letters here.

Council Meeting October 6, 2020

4-1 Vote to pass the budget. Lyman, Abelson, Fadelli, and Quinto vote yes and Pardue-Okimoto votes no. Here is a blog post I wrote at the time.

The video and packet are found here. It is item 7A for the agenda and video.

Council Meeting-June 2, 2020

City Council votes 5-0 to approve 8.5 million dollars in loans to stay afloat. Voting Lyman, Abelson, Quinto, Pardue-Okimoto, and Fadelli. This happens at 2:30 in the video.

Council Meeting-June 4, 2019

The TRAN approval happened without discussion and with a 5-0 vote. Lyman Abelson, Qunito, Pardue-Okimoto, and Fadelli voted. Councilperson Lyman made a motion as soon as he could and then there was a quick vote.

The Budget vote for 19/20 also happened during this meeting. 3:56 is when the votes happen. It is broken into a few votes. All are 5-0 votes.

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