23k paid to consultants who advised cutting the library hours.

Management Partners, the consultants used to advise on budget issues, were first hired for a 25k contract to help revise the Strategic Plan. The original contract was for between $25,900 and $32,500 depending on whether the city had Management Partners do the public workshop or not. About half way through that contract the city modified the contract to have them to provide financial advice to the city. The scope of work includes the following:

You will note in the activities that there are several check ins with the City Manager before the report was to go to the City Council. The revised contract used $10,500 from the original contract and added an additional $12,500 to cost the city $23,000 for the consultants to bring up recommendations like cutting library hours that had already been voted on by the Council. The consultants did not have information to present on compensation rates comparisons between El Cerrito and comparably sized cities. We are left to suspect that the consultant prioritized only cuts suggested to them by City Staff.

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