Election News Updates

The Election News page has been updated with the 2nd campaign filings for the candidates. The candidates will be meeting with Daniel Borenstein of the East Bay Times and I will post that when it comes out. It is a shame since many of us have voted already.

Most significant findings form the campaign finance reports.

Matt Burnham is heavily support by the police union for $3,000. He also has a large donation from a person called Paul Ought a software developer. No information was found on this person with a superficial google search.

Tessa Rudnick, Paul Fadelli, and Lisa Motoyama each have some substantial union donations many of them overlapping especially with Fadelli and Motoyama.

Tessa Rudnick got heavy support from two different firefighter unions the Berkeley Union and the Local 1230 Union.

Isis continues to self fund. William Ktanses and Art Yee do not have campaign committees so thus they do not have to file reports.

Jennifer Greel has a small amount of donations that are all small.

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