El Cerrito City Council Candidate Financial Reports Released

The first filing date for campaign contribution reports was September 24, 2020. Items had to be postmarked by that date so there may still be some additions. Two candidates have not created Campaign Committees so therefore do not need to file.

A few things stand out

  1. The former City Manager Scott Hanin, a person many believe was fundamental to the current financial crisis, donated to Matt Burnham.
  2. Lisa Motoyama is heavily supported by past candidate Margaret Kavanaugh-Lynch and current mayor Greg Lyman.
  3. Paul Fadelli has many donations from local politicians. He has loaned over 23k to his campaign and has over $16,000 cash on hand so one wonders why the loans. Compared to his last filing this time he has not time accepted money from SEIU or the unions for the Fire and Police Departments.

We will continue to check to see if Jennifer Greel and Tessa Rudnick file for this period.

Matt Burnham reports $1,650 contributed to his campaign. Notable contributions include Former City Manager Scott Hanin who gave $100. Leslie Reckler, candidate for School Board, gave $100. Jenny Keith, whom we suspect is married to Police Chief Paul Keith, gave $500. He reports not spending any money yet.

Jennifer Greel nothing filed yet

Lisa Motoyama She has received $4,874.14 in contributions. Notable contributions include $600 from Greg Lyman for City Council 2016. $1,097.14 from Margaret Kavanaugh-Lynch for City Council 2020. $250 from former El Cerrito City Councilperson and current attorney Letitia Moore. She has spent $3,456.70 + 804.90 in outstanding bills for a total of 4311.60. Payments were made to El Cerrito for $440 for the filing fees. $54 to Democratic Party of Contra Costa County for what is listed as civic donations. $420.94 to the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County for literature. There were also payments for graphics and website.

Paul Fadelli He has by far the largest amount of contributions with $8944 this reporting period and $11,470 the calendar year. In the calendar year column it also shows a $23,000 loan. When that is looked at more it is all money he loaned to his campaign over the last 4 years. He has spent $2,417.89 this reporting period and $4,363.53 YTD.

He received $100 From Gabriel Quinto for City Council 2018, $150 from Janet Abelson for City Council 2018, $200 from former councilperson Letitia Moore, $100 directly from Councilperson Pardue-Okimoto, and $100 from former Councilperson Sandi Potter

Paul Fadelli’s expenditures include donations to other candidates like Eric Salwell and some of the same Democratic donations that Lisa Motoyama made. When you look back at his last filing he has not this time accepted money from SEIU or the unions for the Fire and Police Departments.

Isis has had $1125 of contributions all but $100 of which were made by her. Her expenditures were $814 and most seem related to her website.

Arthur Yee No Campaign Committee Formed so no filing was needed

William Ktsanes No Campaign Committee Formed so no filing was needed

Tessa Rudnick nothing filed yet. Update September 30th I was informed by the candidate that they made a mistake with the filing date and they will file today. I will update as soon as the information is available.

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