Tessa Rudnick’s campaign finance report

I did a prior post on the other candidates campaign finance reports found here. Tessa Rudnick’s report got filed late so that it is the reason it is getting it’s own post. I will say she did reach out to the author and acknowledge that she had missed the deadline and she took responsibility and got it in. I personally appreciate public officials (or those trying to be public officials acknowledging mistakes. How refreshing! Her report is found here for those that want to dig in.

So what stands out? She has raised quite a bit of money-just under $12k. To this date she has spent just under 5k. She has donated just under 2k to her own campaign. Her main expenses seem to be a campaign consultant and a polling place. She is not showing donations from her campaign to others except the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County. Her donations appear to come from individuals with a fair amount of family members also contributing.

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