Councilperson Rudnick responds to our questions with a video.

Councilperson Rudnick took the time to record a video on the El Cerrito financial crisis. It doesn’t address our specific questions. I do give her props for responding. Only she and Mayor Fadelli even bothered to acknowledge our request.

2 thoughts on “Councilperson Rudnick responds to our questions with a video.

  1. I appreciate the questions ECCFRG took the time to write. Mayor Fadelli was correct in his statement that we are at risk of a Brown Act violation if we answer structured questions on our positions, or indicate our specific positions on voting items. While this may seem frustrating to folks who want direct responses to questions, having business being conducted during public meetings is fundamental to the as-is public process. I’m more than happy to have a conversation, and to continue the conversation.

    Feel free to email me at

    Democracy dies in darkness. Stay engaged!


  2. Very nice. Thank you City Council Representative Rudnick. I am encouraged by your willingness to tackle the dire consequences of the city’s financial predicament. If salaries, pensions, perks, and other employee expenses and unreviewed contracts were carefully reviewed and managed 10 years ago, the city will not be forced today to cut back services. My hope is that EXCESS managerial staff can be cut first by a systematic review of each department before the inevitable cuts in services become necessary. In fact such a review should have been done years ago.


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