Employee Pension and Benefits

Lost in the din of cheering about the progress of going from the 8th worst-ranked City in California to only the 13th worst (out of 482, yay us!) was the fact that El Cerrito is tied with its Rogue’s gallery peers as the least prepared to tackle the future costs of employee pension and benefits.  Continue reading “Employee Pension and Benefits”

Low Voter Turnout

Low voter turnout has allowed Gabe Quinto to keep his seat on the Council. As readers of this blog will likely surmise, this author is not pleased.  Akin to a few other Contra Costa County results like the Sherriff’s and County Assessor’s races, El Cerrito lacks accountability, transparency and humanity in El Cerrito. Even so,Continue reading “Low Voter Turnout”

El Cerrito Election Links

There is still time to vote! Do you need to cram to catch up on the issues? If so, this post is for you! You can find many of the essential links here. Enjoy! Web pages Vanessa Warheit’s web page Vanessa Warheit’s YouTube Channel Carolyn Wysinger’s web page  Gabe Quinto’s web page  Disclosures El CerritoContinue reading El Cerrito Election Links

Press Release Gone Bad

Last week, the Council Members posted on social media.  Then the City of El Cerrito issued a press release claiming victory over the financial crisis.   Still, the State Auditor and the East Bay Times disagreed. On October 24, 2022, the East Bay Times article here said, “While this is the first year the cityContinue reading “Press Release Gone Bad”

The Mayor has abandoned the Library!

El Cerrito has three candidates running for two seats on the City Council. Plaza for the People sent six questions to the candidates, whom all took the time to respond to the Plaza for the People questionnaire. The candidate responses provide a window into their ability to address some of the City’s current and futureContinue reading “The Mayor has abandoned the Library!”

 Deep Denial by Council People

The State Auditor released its latest report earlier this week (Link to post) and scroll to the article.  El Cerrito has improved seven spots from the 6th worst-run city to the 13th worst-run city. That means 417 California cities are better managed than El Cerrito. Yet some council members are patting themselves on the back.Continue reading ” Deep Denial by Council People”

El Cerrito Finances Continue to Be Poorly Ranked by the CA State Auditor

El Cerrito continues to claim they have solved their financial issues. Every time something around finances comes up they are the first to pat themselves on the back and say the problem is solved. Guess what? The CA State Auditor does not agree. The new Dashboard ranking is out and while El Cerrito has improvedContinue reading “El Cerrito Finances Continue to Be Poorly Ranked by the CA State Auditor”

Councilperson Gabe Quinto’s record on financial issues

An Analysis of the record of El Cerrito Councilmember Gabe Quinto With the election just around the corner, it is time to discuss candidates. As you may have read, we have sent a list of questions to each candidate. We only have one incumbent. For Gabe Quinto, we can analyze his past statements and votesContinue reading “Councilperson Gabe Quinto’s record on financial issues”

Vanessa Warheit answers our questions

Two weeks ago we sent questions to each of the three candidates running for the two open El Cerrito City Council seats. As of today, only one has responded. The deadline is today so perhaps others will respond. For me, the response or non-response is an indicator of how they will respond to constituent concerns. We veryContinue reading “Vanessa Warheit answers our questions”

City Manager Up to Her Tricks again aided by Mayor Quinto

The City Manager and the Mayor set the agenda for each council meeting. Things that are put on the consent calendar get passed all at once. Often this is for items like proclamations etc but in recent El Cerrito history it was also used to pass the September response to the state auditor. Council membersContinue reading “City Manager Up to Her Tricks again aided by Mayor Quinto”