Questions we have for the City Council

Given the scathing state auditor’s report many of us had questions for council members. We compiled a list of questions and sent them to each council member asking for a response by April 1st. Thus far no responses. We are allowing them to answer with no limitations and they are allowed to add an addition comment. We will publish whatever they send us.

Here are the questions. We hope community members may use these as a a basis of questions at the Town Hall Meeting April 10th.

1. How are we going to absorb the growing expense related to pensions? Do you think further cuts will be needed to accommodate this rising expense?

2. What are the current operational objectives in regards to financial management? How are they measured i.e. what are the Key Performance Indicators in place?

3. Are you willing to tie the City Manager’s ongoing contract to how this report and the budget are addressed? What are the performance metrics used for her performance evaluation?

4. What role do you see FAB playing in this process? What information do you think they need to have in order to support them?

5. Do you still have confidence in the City Manager and Finance Director and concur with their response to the auditor’s report?

6. Do you believe that the city is on top of its fiscal situation? What (if any) changes in course do you believe are indicated as a result of the State Auditor report?

7. What do you suggest be done in regards to staff compensation (overpayment of senior managers, excessive overtime, excessive benefit costs, excessive fire department costs)? Do you think something can be done before a detailed compensation study?

8. Do you think that the auditor was correct in advising the city to analyze potential savings from contracting with other agencies for public safety services?

9. How do you envision the city making a permanent, ongoing $2 million reduction beginning with next year’s budget?

10. Do you think if those cuts are made that it will yield a budget that is sustainable in even the mid-term, much less the long-term, and since the city is already talking about needing another tax increase in several years?

11. What would you like the city to do that will restore residents’ confidence in the competence, accountability, and responsiveness of the city?

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