What you need to know about the State Auditor’s report before the Town Hall Meeting

As we all know there will a concurrent Budget Town Hall and Special City Council Meeting on April 10th at 10am.

At this point we are told that the CM and Mayor will give a short presentation and then will take comments and questions from the community.

Here are a list of questions that we think are important.


Thanks to the ECCFRG IO group forum and email list for putting this all together. To join the IO group click here. It is open to all residents of El Cerrito.

Short Fact Sheet (Summary) March 2021

High Risk Issues

High risk issues such as

  • Expenditures exceeded revenue in nearly every year from fiscal years 2009–10 through 2019–20.
  • Exhausted its general fund reserves in fiscal year 2016–17.
  • Relies extensively on short-term loans to provide services to its community and avoid insolvency.
  • Faces rapidly increasing pension costs., etc.

The Auditor’s Report Index

The Long Awaited March 2021 Full State Auditor’s Report on El Cerrito

El Cerrito’s City Manager’s Reaction to the State Auditor’s Report (Dated March 16, 2021)

The State Auditor’s Rebuttal to the City Manager’s Response

An excellent analysis by El Cerrito Committee for Responsible Government

Analysis of the State Auditor’s Report in The East Bay Times March 19 article

February 1, 2020 Townhall data:

City Manager’s Report 01/23/2020 (pp 1- 8)regarding the financial crisis while announcing the Town Hall Meeting).

Town Hall Feb.1, Slideshow (PowerPoint Presentation

Feb 1 Town Hall Budget Meeting Video with improved audio

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