Will El Cerrito ever address the state auditor recommendations?

After passing a budget with no real cuts (except to seniors) in June the City Council will only meet once a month in July, August, and September (as per usual) because there is not hurry when you are on the verge of bankruptcy. While Albany City Staff are preparing recommendations on how to spend theContinue reading “Will El Cerrito ever address the state auditor recommendations?”

Things to know about the 20/21 budget

After my last post lamenting the lack of information from the city I tried one more time to get information from the Mayor and he too said just look at the budget book. It’s all there. But it’s not. There is not a clear spelling out of the cuts made as shown here. Check out theContinue reading “Things to know about the 20/21 budget”

The numbers don’t work-El Cerrito Proposed Budget 20/21

I just reviewed the 419-page packet for the City Council meeting on October 6, 2020.I have many questions because the numbers are just not matching. The document starts on page 140 of the packet. In her memo (page 141), Karen Pinkos says the following-(Bold is added by me) “With these adjustments staff is proposing aContinue reading “The numbers don’t work-El Cerrito Proposed Budget 20/21”

New Proposed Budget Book is out

The City Council has its next meeting on September 15, 2020, at 7 pm. Here is the link to the e-packet-the budget information starts on page 121. This is a lot of information to digest. The City continues to not disseminate this information in a manner that is accessible to a resident that does not haveContinue reading “New Proposed Budget Book is out”