Low Voter Turnout

Low voter turnout has allowed Gabe Quinto to keep his seat on the Council. As readers of this blog will likely surmise, this author is not pleased.  Akin to a few other Contra Costa County results like the Sherriff’s and County Assessor’s races, El Cerrito lacks accountability, transparency and humanity in El Cerrito. Even so,Continue reading “Low Voter Turnout”

El Cerrito Election Links

There is still time to vote! Do you need to cram to catch up on the issues? If so, this post is for you! You can find many of the essential links here. Enjoy! Web pages Vanessa Warheit’s web page Vanessa Warheit’s YouTube Channel Carolyn Wysinger’s web page  Gabe Quinto’s web page  Disclosures El CerritoContinue reading El Cerrito Election Links

Conflict of Interest

In this town, things are getting worse.   They have scheduled an event titled “Lunch with El Cerrito’s Mayor and City Manager,” where members of the public join them to have a conversation with Mayor Gabe Quinto and City Manager Karen Pinkos on the latest happenings in the City of El Cerrito, and what’s next forContinue reading “Conflict of Interest”

Do Nothing City Council continues to do nothing even as the State moves El Cerrito to #6 on the state high risk list

Today the State Auditor released their annual list of cities at high risk of financial difficulties. This list is based on FY 18/19 figures which was a better year for many municipalities. However, El Cerrito dropped from #7 to #6 largely based on lack of reserves (El Cerrito not only has no reserve but owesContinue reading “Do Nothing City Council continues to do nothing even as the State moves El Cerrito to #6 on the state high risk list”

We are alarmed but refuse to take action-City Council meeting 10/20/2020

But they refuse to take action! Councilperson Pardue-Okimoto was once again the lone voice saying make cuts now. As you can see from the below statement included in the packet we are at 11% of revenues with 25% of the year completed. Now there is an issue with the city getting our Transfer Tax moneyContinue reading “We are alarmed but refuse to take action-City Council meeting 10/20/2020”

More of the same inaction from El Cerrito City Council on the budget-When is enough enough?

The El Cerrito City Council continues to refuse to take real action on the budget. I will start this post by stating that Councilperson Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto was a superstar during the meeting and she would have taken action. I will also be honest and say that I did not watch the entire meeting. I didContinue reading “More of the same inaction from El Cerrito City Council on the budget-When is enough enough?”

New Proposed Budget Book is out

The City Council has its next meeting on September 15, 2020, at 7 pm. Here is the link to the e-packet-the budget information starts on page 121. This is a lot of information to digest. The City continues to not disseminate this information in a manner that is accessible to a resident that does not haveContinue reading “New Proposed Budget Book is out”

The City takes some budget actions

At the City Council meeting on May 5, 2020 some budget announcements were made. The link to the video is below and the budget discussion started 4 hours in. The city announced furloughs for management and SEIU staff. That is 45 SEUI staff and 25 Management staff. They will be furloughed one day every twoContinue reading “The City takes some budget actions”

Key decisions coming soon: Make your voices heard!

Today we have a post by another member of the group. Whatever your opinions are we encourage you to make your voice heard! Information on public comment for the April 21st meeting are at the bottom of the page. I will post with information on agenda items prior to the meeting on the 21st. AtContinue reading “Key decisions coming soon: Make your voices heard!”