El Cerrito Election Links

There is still time to vote! Do you need to cram to catch up on the issues? If so, this post is for you! You can find many of the essential links here. Enjoy! Web pages Vanessa Warheit’s web page Vanessa Warheit’s YouTube Channel Carolyn Wysinger’s web page  Gabe Quinto’s web page  Disclosures El CerritoContinue reading El Cerrito Election Links

Conflict of Interest

In this town, things are getting worse.   They have scheduled an event titled “Lunch with El Cerrito’s Mayor and City Manager,” where members of the public join them to have a conversation with Mayor Gabe Quinto and City Manager Karen Pinkos on the latest happenings in the City of El Cerrito, and what’s next forContinue reading “Conflict of Interest”

City Council wants to quickly extend the City Managers Contract by two years

So the City Council, which has been unable to move quickly on an financial issue, is moving rapidly to extend the City Managers contract until December of 2023. Her current contract expires December 2021. The negotiators Councilperson Quinto and Mayor Lyman have not asked the City Manager to make any real concessions as the cityContinue reading “City Council wants to quickly extend the City Managers Contract by two years”

City Council and Staff refuse to give basic information

I follow the budget pretty closely. I read the materials put online and try to translate them for the average resident who is interested but not able to dig through all the documents. I have been trying for months to get a detailed answer as to the budget cuts that have been made thus far.Continue reading “City Council and Staff refuse to give basic information”

El Cerrito Staff continue to show lack of transparency with the budget

Tomorrow September 1st at 430pm El Cerrito City Council is having a special budget meeting. They have not yet completed their 20/21 budget which started in July. For information on the meeting click here. The meeting is once again scheduled at a time that is not accessible for many residents. While I understand that some of thisContinue reading “El Cerrito Staff continue to show lack of transparency with the budget”

El Cerrito Staff Compensation compared to other local cities

Transparent CA has great information on salaries and pensions for all of CA. There has been much discussion on different forums about the compensation of El Cerrito city employees so I did a quick check on Transparent CA for 4 cities. El Cerrito, Albany, San Pablo, and Pinole. All are reasonably close in size fromContinue reading “El Cerrito Staff Compensation compared to other local cities”

El Cerrito Employee Compensation

I took a look at employee compensation for El Cerrito, Albany, and Richmond for 2017 and 2018. I got all information from Transparent California. 2019 data is not yet available. I wanted to get a sense of how some of the city’s management staff salaries compared to a city much larger than ours and alsoContinue reading “El Cerrito Employee Compensation”