El Cerrito Hiring Challenges…and solutions

The City of El Cerrito is conducting a classification and compensation study. Presumably, the study is commissioned to support their assertion that they can’t fill their positions because the salaries are too low. The premise of wages as the sole reason for the City’s inability to attract talent is not only erroneous, but it alsoContinue reading “El Cerrito Hiring Challenges…and solutions”

Low Voter Turnout

Low voter turnout has allowed Gabe Quinto to keep his seat on the Council. As readers of this blog will likely surmise, this author is not pleased.  Akin to a few other Contra Costa County results like the Sherriff’s and County Assessor’s races, El Cerrito lacks accountability, transparency and humanity in El Cerrito. Even so,Continue reading “Low Voter Turnout”

El Cerrito Election Links

There is still time to vote! Do you need to cram to catch up on the issues? If so, this post is for you! You can find many of the essential links here. Enjoy! Web pages Vanessa Warheit’s web page Vanessa Warheit’s YouTube Channel Carolyn Wysinger’s web page  Gabe Quinto’s web page  Disclosures El CerritoContinue reading El Cerrito Election Links

Conflict of Interest

In this town, things are getting worse.   They have scheduled an event titled “Lunch with El Cerrito’s Mayor and City Manager,” where members of the public join them to have a conversation with Mayor Gabe Quinto and City Manager Karen Pinkos on the latest happenings in the City of El Cerrito, and what’s next forContinue reading “Conflict of Interest”

Press Release Gone Bad

Last week, the Council Members posted on social media.  Then the City of El Cerrito issued a press release claiming victory over the financial crisis.   Still, the State Auditor and the East Bay Times disagreed. On October 24, 2022, the East Bay Times article here said, “While this is the first year the cityContinue reading “Press Release Gone Bad”

El Cerrito Staff continue to show lack of transparency with the budget

Tomorrow September 1st at 430pm El Cerrito City Council is having a special budget meeting. They have not yet completed their 20/21 budget which started in July. For information on the meeting click here. The meeting is once again scheduled at a time that is not accessible for many residents. While I understand that some of thisContinue reading “El Cerrito Staff continue to show lack of transparency with the budget”

The struggle for transparency in El Cerrito

I wrote previously about the TRAN loans that have been keeping the city afloat since 2011. On May 21, 2020, I sent a request for information on the costs of these loans. It specifically said “I saw in the supplemental slide set some info about the trans. What I would like to know is 1.Continue reading “The struggle for transparency in El Cerrito”