El Cerrito Election Links

There is still time to vote! Do you need to cram to catch up on the issues? If so, this post is for you! You can find many of the essential links here. Enjoy!

Web pages

Vanessa Warheit’s web page

Vanessa Warheit’s YouTube Channel

Carolyn Wysinger’s web page

 Gabe Quinto’s web page 


El Cerrito Financial Disclosure

City of El Cerrito Campaign Disclosure

Forums and Debates

League of Women Voters Debate Well worth the 30-minute view

El Cerrito City Council Candidates’ Positions on Sustainable Mobility   

State Auditor’s Report

California State Auditor: City of El Cerrito: Excessive Spending and Insufficient Efforts to Address Its Perilous Financial Condition Jeopardize the City’s Ongoing Fiscal Viability

 State Auditor’s response to El Cerrito March 2022

News – El Cerrito finances are a factor in the city council race

East Bay Times – These Bay Area cities are facing the greatest financial risk, state auditor says

East Bay Express – Small City, Big Money Woes

Blog Posts

El Cerrito Committee for Responsible Government (ECCRG)   

Vanessa Warheit answers questions about El Cerrito

Councilperson Gabe Quinto’s record on financial issues

The Mayor has abandoned the Library!

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