10 Things you should know about El Cerrito’s financial crisis

Many more people have been engaging in dialogue around the state of El Cerrito’s finances. People want to know how we got here. Here are some essential facts you may not know. Starting in 2016-17, our independent auditor warned that the city might not continue to be a “going concern,” meaning it was at riskContinue reading “10 Things you should know about El Cerrito’s financial crisis”

Take action-budget meeting August 1st

The City of El Cerrito will be hosting a virtual town hall on the budget on Saturday, August 1st From 10-12. For information on joining the Town Hall click here.   We urge you to participate, and this is why:  The city is facing a 5.5 million dollar budget deficit. The city has been very slowContinue reading “Take action-budget meeting August 1st”

Update on resources 2/8/2020

The city manager issued her new report found here. There is no new information on the financial crisis in it. There are links to past and future meetings. There are two firefighter jobs listed. They mentioned one was a replacement position. I wonder if either of those hires will reduce the $1.2 million in overtimeContinue reading “Update on resources 2/8/2020”