El Cerrito Employee Compensation

I took a look at employee compensation for El Cerrito, Albany, and Richmond for 2017 and 2018. I got all information from Transparent California. 2019 data is not yet available. I wanted to get a sense of how some of the city’s management staff salaries compared to a city much larger than ours and alsoContinue reading “El Cerrito Employee Compensation”

City Council Meeting June 4, 2019-City Manager and Finance Director say it is all okay.

In November 2018, the independent auditor expressed the going concern statement for the second year in a row. It appears in the CAFR. In the June 4, 2019, meeting the city finance director expressed the view things were improving and the going concern statement would likely go away. This was backed up by Karen. WhenContinue reading “City Council Meeting June 4, 2019-City Manager and Finance Director say it is all okay.”

Update on resources 2/8/2020

The city manager issued her new report found here. There is no new information on the financial crisis in it. There are links to past and future meetings. There are two firefighter jobs listed. They mentioned one was a replacement position. I wonder if either of those hires will reduce the $1.2 million in overtimeContinue reading “Update on resources 2/8/2020”

City Council Meeting February 4, 2020

Last night there was a council meeting with the budget situation on the agenda. Here is the link to the video and packet. Here are some observations from two of us who watched the meeting. It did appear to both of us that council is now taking this issue very very seriously which is aContinue reading “City Council Meeting February 4, 2020”